Walking Treasure Hunt


Many thanks to all who took part in this year’s Treasure Hunt and in particular for the nice comments which accompanied the entries .

Firstly an apology.  There was an error in the Post Code in Question 24 - it should have read L2 3PF - fortunately everyone got the answer correct despite that!

There was a proper battle at the top of the "Leader Board" but in the end ,with a score of 49 out of a possible 50, the triumphant team was "We Are The Champions"   Congratulations to them, and they will be receiving a suitable (!!!) prize.  Several other entries were in the 45+ category.

You can follow the link below to find the full list of Q's and A's, and don't forget "The question master is always right"! Thanks again to everyone

Walking treasure hunt questions and answers for 2021 (pdf) »