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Stone Festival & Carnival 50th Anniversary


With the annual Stone Festival now finished, the  Festival committee all hope you had a great time at this year’s festival whether it were at 1,2 or several events, you came to join in or just spectate. However fun is just one very important part of the whole array of activities organised as the raising of money for local charities and organisations is equally our primary cause for the near two weeks of activities.

Each year we as a committee are delighted to hand out monies to well known and respected local good causes, many of whom we can all relate to in one form or another and all of whom are very thankful for the donations in order for them to maintain the services they deliver. However giving to the same recipients year in year out is in our view not necessarily ideal especially as from one year to the next, new and emerging groups are formed and who may indeed need help to progress.

So our call now is to all new groups and those who may have not previously put their case forward, to do just that and be considered for a % of our monies raised as we want to be as encompassing as possible to all good causes in and around Stone.

How do you do this? Send us an email at to log your groups interest in being considered for a disbursement  stating your groups name, it's purpose, it's need and rationale and the people and groups of local people you serve and reach out to.

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